Nicola Valley Agri Park

Merritt, BC

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Highlights of the park

The primary objective of this venture is to bring horses to the people, so that we can teach, train and educate the younger generations to become employed in the horse industry. The key players are committed to making this a success and are prepared to invest the necessary time required. We will educate people about horses while also providing a therapeutic facility and recovery centre for Western Canada. This project will employ approximately 100 people during the construction and development stage. Once completed, we will have employment for approximately 20-25 employees and management. The development will include a main school, therapeutic swimming pool, barns, training track, and fully serviced RV Park for clients and students. A school will provide educational opportunity for anyone who loves horses and are interested in a career in various fields such as: race horses, event horses, horse therapy, farrier, agriculture and rodeo would be among the top course offerings.

Conceptual Drawings