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BC Rural Dividend Grant Award

City Delivers Letter of Support

At 1:00pm on Friday the 23rd of March, the City of Merritt delivered on it's unanimous decision to re-issue the letter of support to the society for the Nicola Valley Agricultural Park. Even our president Malcolm Lynn had a smile on his face after reading the context. "This is exactly what we needed…

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Update to Petition

At the regular city council meeting last Tuesday the 27th, there were 7 people with more information for council to consider, we presented information on the ALR, the Community Plan, our Petition with over 200 signatures gathered in under 2 weeks, and 6 people signed the petition at the council me…

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Petition to City Council

Just finished the edit on the petition that we have started to assist people who wish to show their support for the park. Sign our online petition here! Don't forget you can also show up early to the next 2 council meetings, on the 13th and 27th of February, to put your name on the public roster to…

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Merritt City Council - Committee of the Whole, Jan 30th

So nothing ever really goes as planned, mostly weather related lately, but this time a flat tire keeps Mike from attending the meetings in Merritt. He extends his apology and hopes to be in Merritt again soon. As a technically orientated person, being thrown into doing the presentation was more abou…

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Facebook Update

Reached 10 Facebook Followers today! Doubling every 28 days since we published, THANK YOU ;)

Information & Support Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, January 30th between 4:00 - 6:00PM for an information session at the Kekuli Café in Merritt. After the meeting we will be heading over to a City Council Meeting to give a presentation and would like ALL supporters to tag along as we are seeking a commitment from the city so th…

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Uses for the Park

The facilities will have a strong equine influence because of the college. Other uses may include, dog shows, farmers markets, auctions, outdoor recreation events, car shows, and wintertime rodeos, essentially providing year-round agricultural facilities in support of the local economy. The Nicola V…

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New Site Online

Today started bringing the information in to the website.

Horse racing track, equine learning centre possible for Merritt

Merritt stands to get a little more country as the Sagebrush Agri Park Society wants to establish a horse racing track and an equine learning centre in the Nicola Valley ...

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Merritt Morning Market

Investing in horses. There’s a new guy in town — Malcolm Lynn — with a new idea: investing in horses. And he’s looking for others who might be interested in getting involved ...

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